Strength In Yoga

One Yoga teacher's journey to find and share strength in Yoga


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"Bottom line: I love and trust my teachers. They offer me SO much in terms of guidance and support. But their advice is secondary to my own intuition, my body’s cues, and my gut. I try to have faith that every time I show up to class, I’ll hear the exact nuggets of wisdom I need to hear in that moment. And I think it’s OK to ignore everything else."

"At the most basic level, yoga allows people to connect more deeply with their body and develop a sense of the underlying cause of what’s going wrong in their body."

In a world where a split-second injury can be potentially career ending, this unlikely community has steadily begun embracing yoga as a non-traditional way of keeping themselves limber and injury-free — even discovering some unexpected mental benefits along the way.”

Looking forward to watching this.

"With athletics, certain muscles are used more than others, and over time [this] creates an imbalance and injuries occur," says Wendy Dahl, a Chicago-area certified yoga instructor. “Yoga is about strengthening what is soft and softening what is strong.”

My first goal each time I’m on my mat: “Find your edge. Practice to the place where you stretch your potential. Get to know your limits in a safe, mindful way.”

My edge is rarely in the same place as it was the last time I was on the mat - it’s a struggle when my edge isn’t where I expect it to be. That must be one of the reasons they call is a practice.

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